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Planning to Buy or Build?

Living in the Country?

Getting a Good Start

Items to Consider- Community Features

Items to Consider- Soils

Items to Consider- Water Supply

Items to Consider- Sewage System

Items to Consider- Regulations, Legal Requirements, Local Assessments

Items to Consider- Natural Features & Drainage Characteristics

Agency and Office Information

Zoning Officials

Cities & Villages


Township Buildings

Post Offices

Utility Companies

Where to Obtain Specific Information

Publications About Home Building




Publications About Home Building

Henry County Health Department

Care and Maintenance of Your Home Sewage Disposal System

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Bulletin - Division of Soil and Water Conservation

Ohio State University Extension

Publication #

Bacteria in Drinking Water


Community-Based Watershed Management


Coping with Polluted Runoff


Emergency Disinfection of Water Supplies

Hydrogen Sulfide in Drinking Water AEX319
If a Fire Strikes - Escape Fast AEX690
Lawn Establishment 546
Managing Septic Tank - Mound Systems AEX753
Mound Systems for on-site wastewater treatment 813
Mound Systems: Pressure distribution of Wastewater 829
Nitrate in Drinking Water 744
Septic Tank Maintenance AEX740
Septic Tank Mound System AEX744
Septic Tank Soil Absorption AEX743
Shock Chlorination of Wells & Springs AEX318
Wastewater Treatment Alternatives L366
Wastewater Treatment Principles / Regulations AEX768
Water Sources for Fire Protection in Small Communities AEX424
Water Testing AEX314
Water Use Planning Guide AEX420
Where to Have Your Water Tested AEX315
Why do Septic Systems Fail? AEX741
Your Lawn 271
U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service
Controlling Erosion on Construction Sites AIB No. 347
Developers and Builders . . . Soil Surveys Can Help You PA No. 1049
Home Buyers . . . Soil Surveys Can Help You PA No. 1050
Land Use Planners . . . Soil Surveys Can Help You PA No. 1055
Protect Lives from Fatal Mistakes . . . Before You Dig! OUPS
Soils and Septic Tanks AIB No. 349

Soil Survey of Henry County, Ohio

(Also available at Soil & Water Conservation District)

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