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Living in the Country Have you Considered . . .

A large amount of Henry County rural property is zoned for agricultural use.  At times dust, noises, spraying, insects, and odors occur due to normal farming activities.  This means more slow moving farm machinery traffic during the planting and harvest seasons and also late nights in the field for the farmer.  What is now a corn field could become a large farming operation.

Anyone interested in locating in the country should take the area's current and future potential use into consideration.

Living in the country can mean more responsibility for the home owners.  Unlike in a municipality, there are usually no water lines, sewers or storm water drains to connect into.  Thus, it is the home owner's responsibility to maintain the water, sewer and drainage on the property.  This may also include ensuring that your activities do not interfere with your neighbors' drainage since in many locations a drainage easement allows water from a neighbor's house to run through an underground pipe on your property to the nearest drainage ditch.

Costs to provide water or sewer services to areas outside municipalities are typically high, especially in areas lightly populated.

Even though there are many attractive attributes for living in the country, all issues should be evaluated prior to making a decision to build or buy a house in the country.

This booklet will help you make those decisions by outlining the different issues that should be considered and where to get the answers.


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