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Items to Consider- Community Features

Items to Consider- Soils

Items to Consider- Water Supply

Items to Consider- Sewage System

Items to Consider- Regulations, Legal Requirements, Local Assessments

Items to Consider- Natural Features & Drainage Characteristics

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Items to Consider


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Regulations, Legal Requirements, Local Assessments

(See Key on Pg 2)


Have you checked on existing planning regulations and zoning permits?


___ Do you need to obtain a drainage easement?  What other easements are on your property?



Have you checked specifications for any needed driveway culverts, road ditch, and open drainage ditches?



Have you checked regulations regarding easements along ditches for operation of ditch maintenance equipment?



Are there existing utilities which may have right-of-way across the property, such as underground pipelines and transmission lines?



Always be sure to determine location of underground utility lines BEFORE doing any digging!

OUPS Call toll free 1-800-362-2764


Are there restrictive covenants or deed restrictions?


Are corners or boundaries of lot marked with iron pins or concrete markers?  Can you find each reference point mentioned in the deed description? CE

Private Surveyor


Does lot have a clear title? Attorney
Are there easements or mineral rights involved? Attorney
What is tax structure for real estate, city income tax millage, property taxes, any special assessments? CA, Attorney
Will you need to do any work in road rights-of-way? CE, ODOT, TT
Is there a city/village income tax? City/Village Officials
Have you checked on water and sewer assessments? CA,Attorney
Will there be ditch maintenance assessments? CA,SWCD

Natural Features and Drainage Characteristics

___ Are the natural features of lot acceptable (drainage, wet areas, trees, streams, etc.)? SWCD, OSUE, NRCS
___ Can acceptable natural features be preserved at a reasonable cost? SWCD, OSUE, NRCS
___ Could there be problems for off-lot surface water? SWCD, OSUE, NRCS
___ Is property located in floodway/flood plain? HCPC, SWCD, OSUE, NRCS, ZI
___ Have you checked on flood insurance coverage?

Local Insurance Agent

___ Will landscaping be needed? Will there be problems for landscaping (wetness, shallowness, droughtiness)? SWCD, OSUE, NRCS


___ Are there any trees that could be saved for shade? OSUE
___ What are prevailing wind directions? What about future windbreak plantings? SWCD, NRCS
___ Does lot have adequate water supply for geothermal heating? SWCD, NRCS
___ Are you considering solar energy? How would this affect placement of your home? SWCD, OSUE, NRCS
___ Will trees or other nearby buildings obstruct solar heating source? SWCD, OSUE, NRCS
___ Is your lot considered a wetland? Will you need a 404 permit? U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
___ How close can I build and/or place obstructions to an open drainage ditch? CE, SWCD, ZI
___ What elevation will the house be constructed relative to the road - higher or lower? CD, HD
___ How much traffic is on the road you intend to build on? Will traffic be or have the potential of becoming a nuisance?


___ Will you be disturbing one acre or more of ground and require a stormwater permit?


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