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Water Supply

(See Key on Pg 2)


Is a safe and acceptable water supply obtainable on the lot?


___ Is water available from a public water system? If so, what is cost of water?



Is water pressure and supply adequate for all normal uses? Any restrictions of use of water for swimming pools, washing cars, sprinkling lawns, etc.?



Are there any local restrictions for installation of ponds? Pond with dams greater than 10' may require permit.



If not public water system, is a well drilling permit required before building?



Do neighbors' wells in immediate vicinity provide an adequate safe supply of water?



Will a water softener, iron filter or other equipment be needed to condition well water prior to its use?


Sewage System

___ Are sanitary sewers in place?  If not, are they planned for future installation? HCRWSD, RWSD
___ Does lot meet minimum Health Department requirements on lot for on-site sewage disposal? (minimum two acres) HD, ZI
___ Is lot located out of any flood hazard areas? HD, HCPC, SWCD
___ Is there an adequate soil depth of six foot or more over bedrock? HD
___ Are soils suited for a leaching-type system? HD
___ Is a cleared area (approximately 85 ft. by 120 ft.) available for installation of a septic disposal field? HD
___ Is the on-lot disposal area down-location so the effluent can flow by gravity from septic tank to disposal field? HD
___ Is outlet ditch for property on county ditch maintenance program? If so, what is my maintenance assessment? CE, SWCD
___ Does property have an access to an adequate outlet for curtain drain discharge, such as deep open ditch or large drainage tile? CE, HD, SWCD
___ Will lot be large enough to isolate water supply from sewage disposal system? HD
___ Is detailed sketch or map available showing location of septic tank and leaching field? Sewer lines? HD
___ Is lot large enough to permit relocation of leaching tile field, when this becomes necessary (approximately 8,500 square feet needed) for sewage system? HD

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